Types of Watch Winder Safe and Its Benefits

Collecting luxury watches is fun and also challenging. You have to think about the safest way to keep those watches. Nowadays, you don’t need to get confused if you want to keep your watches collection safe, clean, and well-managed because you can use a watch winder safe box. Let’s talk about a little bit about its specification.

A Watch Winder for 16 Watches

If you have around 16 watches, you can consider buying a medium watch winder safe. This type of product is able to hold up to 16 watches. It consists of several sizes such as 889mm x 508 mm x 520mm. Commonly, this watch winder is designed around 580.00kg. Interestingly, you can also put the other assets there including certificates, gold, cash money, jewelry, and many more.

A Watch Winder for 32 Watches

How about if you have more than 30 luxury watches? It is not a problem because there is also a large watch winder safe available in the market. The size of this product is 62 inches height x 18 inches width x 16 inches depth. This large watch winder is able to keep up to 32 luxury watches safely. Plus, you can still use it to store a variety of securities, certificates, jewelry, and many more.

What You Get from the Watch Winder

The watch winder is not only a place to keep your luxury watches and precious assets but also offers extra protection. A high-quality watch winder is designed based on the ISO standard to meet the international standard. It protects your precious collections and assets along with the locking bolts, hardened plates, and 2 keys for the extra protection Moreover, you get a stylish watch winder safe which can be used as an interesting accessory at home or office. In the end, you don’t need to worry anymore about the way to manage your luxury watches collection. A watch winder safe protects those watches from dust or dirt as well as theft.

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